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MasterClass: Geboren Licht te Zijn, 17 Juni 2023, Den Haag


We have created a life style through the ages based from survival to control and power. All this has its core in fear.
Fear is therefore the essential key to transform. We are here for a reason. There is something we need to conquer, because we are in fact all multi dimensional beings. Multidimensional beings are light. Light is somehow connected to the ether and can be seen as the fifth element. Where the first four elements are earth, water, fire and air.

The way I see it, to be light means living from the presence of your divine being. That is, living in peace and harmony with all there is.

The world we live in now is like a dual world, where we are veiled and believe what we see and experience. A dual world has all the opposites in it, like love and hate, conditional and unconditional, good and bad, etc.

We are here for a reason on this beautiful plane called Mother Earth.
She is called the mother as she gives birth to many things and nurtures them. Mother Earth is incredible in what she creates and gives. She gives us the food and her soil to live.

What we need to learn is to return to that multidimensional being that we are, and become one, and in tune with the elements. We need to dance with her and her elements. When we do that we will heal, feel loved and our fears will go away and we will restore the balance. Because we came here to evolve from duality, we created ourself, to oneness. Mother Earth does not need our greedy wisdom, she can take care of her self perfectly and everything she creates. She needs us to find her and become whole with her and the cosmos.
We were born to be light!

New education world is set up by Dorita to guide us to become whole with the Earth and the cosmos (universe) and restore the balance in ourself and beautiful Mother Earth.
We can use force to live in balance but for me it feels like filling a well where another one is drying. I believe when we become whole and be that light we are supposed to be, we radiate that and help heal our surroundings and create beauty, all by the light where the whole cosmos is created from .. without any force, but only through true love.

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Who AM I

My name is Dorita and I am an expert in the field of light-awareness. From an early age I was fascinated about life and has had special experiences. After working as an econometrician/researcher for several years, I received a calling. In a short time I became aware of the unseen. My life changed completely as a result. Over the past 20 years I have been trying to understand life in various ways, even as a guru. I have therefor developed as a light specialist. I love to make others aware of the essence of their lives and the light that they are.

Restoring the Balance Lectures

We are here for a reason. We realise the way we live is burning out this beautiful planet. During covid humanity was the only one suffering from Covid whereas  the animals, plants, waters, air etc were recovering from our mistakes. We realise more and more that this beautiful planet does not need us, humans, but we need her. So why are we here and what can we do to restore the balance.

Dorita will be traveling to share her view on how to Restore the Balance.

During the lecture Dorita will take you on a light journey to connect and show you how to dance with the light and heal yourself and bring balance from your multidimensional embodiment. ‘ Mother Earth needs us to become that multidimensional embodiment and dance with her and all her elements to restore the balance.‘

If you want to know more about the lecture see agenda


During the Restoring the Balance lecture you are taken along with the flow of words and it is almost meditative!  It's about the essence of life.  How we can give meaning to this for Mother Earth and our existence with everything.  Engaging and valuable.The guided meditations always go deep with Dorita. It's a gift from her.This evening felt like coming home to me. We are love and light, and can use and radiate this!Nice to be reminded of that!
Jose, NL

' “The Restoring the Balance lecture was to me as a cross between a guided meditation and satsang.  During Dorita's animated presentation, an energetic transfer took place at the same time, which made me go home a bit lighter again.”
Julien, NL

The Restoring the Balance lecture touched on profound subjects but was at the same time concrete. Because Dorita explored the same basic message from different perspectives, I was able to connect it to my own experiences and concerns. I would say the lecture was about spirituality in practice: combining spiritual messages about light, darkness and balance with practically asking what I can do with this in my life. I have experienced many lectures and meditations by Dorita in the past and I am amazed at how she manages to express the core message more precisely and succinctly each time. The lecture gave me some deep insights.
Mario, NL

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